Barbara Corcoran: A woman should think like a man

In a recent interview with CNN Correspondent, Christine Romans, Barbara Corcoran said that women should think like men when they ask for raises at work.  Click the link below to hear why.“>cnn-barbara-coro






Happy Birthday Trayvon Martin

On February 5th, Trayvon Martin would have been 21 years old. Happy Belated Birthday!  You will never be forgotten. When I heard what happened to you, I cried like I had known you before. I cried because you represented my brothers, nephews, and cousins who can easily be victimized by the stereotyping that killed you.  You represented my father , who grew up in a time when this behavior was wide spread and common, but was blessed to survive. Trayvon was a blessing in life to his mother and all those who knew him, and he was a blessing in death to the world as he forced us to reexamine our condition as a nation, and individually, and how stereotypes inhibit us from being objective and compassionate to one another. I thank God for you, and your parents, who have shown so much dignity and strength.  Your story will forever be told, as it marks a pivotal time in our history. A time when we were still celebrating our first black president, a time when revolution was wafting the air through the occupy movement, a time when being young felt both liberating and binding because of the old system of things, but hopeful that better could be achieved. Trayvon, you will forever be the spark that keeps me pressing forward toward that goal of liberty and justice for all.

10 Business Tips from Barbara Corcoran

One key to reaching a goal is finding information and resources that help us make informed decisions about the task that lays before us.  Here are a few business tips from Barbara Corcoran.  My favorite is #2 – traits of a great entrepreneur.  I have found that until I was able to honestly assess myself, all of my strengths and weakness, that I could not effectively provide a service.  I have been at this now since 2009, and it still feels like I just got started yesterday. Things are not perfect, but I refuse to stop until it is. It is not an easy road to trod, just remember that you do not have to do it alone.  nMyGoals is “Helping You Reach Your Goals.”


1. What makes a good business idea great?
If your business idea clearly answers a need in the marketplace, it’s probably a good idea. If the need is already being met by well-entrenched competitors, it can still be a good idea if it’s a new, cheaper or more clever way of doing it.

2. What do you think are the traits of a great entrepreneur?

Every great entrepreneur is passionate about being successful. They are not just passionate about their business idea, but have enough passion to weather all the obstacles and see things through to the finish line. When Erin Whalen of Grease Monkey Wipes (Season 1) confidently said to fellow Shark Robert Herjavec and me, “I promise if you partner with me I will not let you down! I will make this work, I promise!” she had enough passion in her plea to send legions of soldiers right off a cliff. Robert and I believed her and handed her our cash! Every great entrepreneur is extremely pushy. Cactus Jack, the wild inventor of the Body Jac exercise machine (Season 1), was a natural born salesman. He was unbelievably annoying but proved a superstar dealmaker. I’ve learned that all great entrepreneurs are pushy people and they always deliver.
3. How do I know if there’s a real need for my product or service?
Make a list of every product out there already answering the need and be super critical as to whether yours is a better mousetrap. Also ask your family, friends and enemies if they would buy it and what they would readily pay.
4. What are the most important first steps a new entrepreneur should take?
Be clear about what’s most important. Figure out what it will cost to produce your product or service, what you can sell it for and to whom.
5. How do you create a business plan that works?
For most people a lengthy business plan is virtually useless because you need to change it constantly in response to things outside your control. The simplest form of a business plan is just a list of what’s most important to attend to and what’s not. I do much better imagining exactly what I want my business to look like once I’m successful. It’s a daydream in living color. Then I make a simple “to do” list of what’s most important to make my dream a reality.
6. Where can I get help creating a business plan?
Sit down and write out a clear picture of what your product or service is, what it will cost, what it will sell for and who will buy it. Then put down on paper the concrete steps you’ll need to take to bring it to fruition. After that you can ask your friends and enemies to honestly critique the plan and share with you what’s unclear, what makes no sense and what’s missing.
7. How do you compete against the big guys?
The big guys usually have the corner on money, but remember the little guy always has the corner on creativity. If you can position yourself as an expert in your marketplace early on, you’ll get the leg up on all of your competitors right away. I created market surveys on apartment sales in Manhattan to grab the attention of the press and make the Corcoran Group appear much bigger than it was. The media is always hungry for statistics, so creating your own market reports and distributing them will soon have the press calling you instead of you running after them for PR. And if you can steal the limelight, you’ll steal the market share.
8. How do you build a great team?
Always choose attitude over experience! When I hire people I make a habit of never looking at their resume because most people spend most of their life in the wrong job. I never hire complainers or excuse makers because they’ll find a way within my company to do more of the same. People with a can-do attitude are a pleasure to work with. Positive people are willing to learn, eager to try and somehow find the solution to anything they don’t already know. They’re always great team players, and teams build big businesses, not individuals.
9. What makes an investor put their money into a deal?
My most important criteria when making the decision to invest are: 1) Do I trust the individual? and 2) Do they have the fire in their belly to bring the business to the finish line?
10. How do I find investors and business partners and what’s most important in my presentation?
Come on Shark Tank and give us your pitch! Make sure you can sell your product, because if you as the head of the company can’t sell it, who will? Also be sure you’re ready to answer the two key questions too many of the entrepreneurs who come on the show can’t: 1) What will you do with my money? and 2) How will I get my investment back?

10 Inspirational Quotes From Women Business Leaders

While there is still a need for equal pay for equal work for women in the workforce, I believe that this need is due in part to the lack of female leaders and entrepreneurs available to counter the dominating male influence.  I therefore felt compelled to share this wonderful article, which highlights a few remarkable women and their inspirational quotes.  If we ignore the odds, and focus on the mission, we will eventually reach our goals

Article taken from, written by CAROLYN SUN, ENTREPRENEUR STAFF, Research Editor

Walk the Track in Her Shoes


One of the initiatives for this site is to assist in raising money to assist victims of domestic violence.  I not only wish to assist in raising money for domestic violence, but I would like to raise awareness about the serious impacts that domestic violence has on individuals and our community at large.  My pride keeps me silent about this matter, because as an educated woman, I believe that I should have been smarter about getting myself into the situation that I found myself.  However, by the grace of God, I was able to obtain counseling to help me recognize the signs of abuse and abusers, and my natural response to certain situations.  Domestic violence is the type of personal assault designed to stifle another persons God given liberties.  Some people never recover their full voice after being assaulted.  Counseling and proper support systems, like what is offered at My Sister’s House, here in NC, provides the resources and a safe haven for individuals to start the work of rebuilding their lives.  It has been two years since my last incident, and I am still doing the work of rebuilding my life.  For the most part, I have tried to move beyond the incident by denying to myself that the incident ever happened, that is until something happens that forces me to remember.  This approach has delayed my healing.  We can only heal a situation by facing it head on.  I still can not talk about it without becoming emotional.  I have always been the strong type; I hate crying in front of people.  So I avoid things that would trigger an episode.  I have been told that it is not until you are able to move past the absolute discomfort of a simple discussion that you can actually transition from being a victim to being a survivor. I do not like being a victim, so I will call those of us who still have not made this transition “Individuals Who Have Been Victimized”.  As an individual who has been victimized, and who has benefited from the education, counseling, and support services of programs like My Sister’s House, I would like to thank those people and businesses that offer support to DV programs, and give special recognition to may brother, James Mills, for stepping outside of his zone and participating in the “Walk the Track in Her Shoes” event last weekend.   In my view, this event allowed them an opportunity to have a small taste of the discomfort associated with enduring domestic violence.  The anxiety that these men probably felt putting on women’s shoes and going for a walk is similar to the anxiety that a victimized person feels when they try to step back into the life that they lived prior to the incident.  James Mills you are awesome, and I love you more than you know. For those who do not already know my brother, he is a Financial Adviser and provides comprehensive Retirement Planning in addition to a whole host of other services. If you are interested in planning your financial future, simply contact me and I will get you an appointment. You can see some of the other sponsors for the event on the banner in the picture below.  I encourage everyone to contribute your time and your money to this very important cause, and support the individuals and businesses who have demonstrated their willingness to address this very important issue affecting our communities.

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My Sister’s House

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Continue to push forward


If you are trying to reach a goal that you have never done before, preparation is a key component to your success.  Be sure to create a fail plan, just in case you slightly miss the mark. Life happens, and we are fallible humans. Get over it.  Take note of the things that you should avoid the next go around  and get back on that horse and try again. Yes, you must try again, because the only loser is the one who quits. Tell yourself over and over again that you are a winner.  Preparing affirmations for yourself is a part of the process of being able to continue to push forward.  Believe that you are a winner in spite of your current circumstances and what others seem to believe. You were created to win.  Other people may wish to view you as a loser so they can make themselves feel like winners. Do not get sucked into other peoples perceptions. This is your life. Take control of the things that affect it, and these things will create the world of your dreams.

Try something new


It is very easy for people to get into a routine that seems to work for them and simply stay on that track because it is comfortable and convenient.  I have always dreaded becoming that person.  I get a lot of joy from spontaneity. For me, routine is not comfortable because I have gotten onto a whimsical track that caters to my creativity. In business this has been my strength and my weakness. However, I have had some victories when I decided to work outside of my comfort zone, and buckled down to a specific routine in order to accomplish a certain goal.  Getting outside of our comfort zone allows us to explore other parts of ourselves and maximize our potential. If you are looking to receive different results from the ones that you have received before, you must do something different than what you had done before.  Think about where you are, and where you would like to be, and don’t be afraid to execute a new plan to reach your goals. It is never too soon, or too late, to get onto a better path to success.