Who is Nicole Dudley?


The Biography of Nicole Dudley

Nicole was born in Queens, New York. She grew-up in a low-income household, as the fourth of five children, in the small, rural town of Scotland Neck, North Carolina. Nicole was taught the importance of receiving an education, and how to be resourceful. Her passion, vision, and dedication to service, was naturally embraced at an early age as she witnessed her father’s dedication to public service; and the love and dedication shown by her mother to all she served as a nurse.

Nicole’s ambition to become an Attorney was encouraged while in school at Northport High School. She worked two jobs while attending high school. The first job was created for her by her high school because of the advancements shown in her computer class. When not in school Nicole worked at her second job assisting the elderly stick to their dietary requirements at an assisted living facility. Nicole additionally was the Vice President of her Business Honor Society. Nicole’s dedication and hard work gave her the momentum to continue her education at St. John’s University, where she attended school at night, focusing on a Legal Studies degree, and worked full-time during the day as the Executive Secretary for the Information Technology Department. She assisted the Chief Information Officer in providing and supporting all of the technology needs for the entire University. She also assisted in the development and implementation of the schools laptop program, which made all 5 campuses wireless, including the Rome campus, and deployed laptops to all incoming freshmen.

Eager to experience work in the legal world, she left St. John’s as a junior, with a degree in Legal Studies, and accepted an offer at a small law firm in Tallahassee, Florida, where she worked as a Legal Assistant and quickly learned 5 area of law and how to manage the firm. Nicole was chosen to work with the State of Florida on a short term assignment, where she served as a Paralegal Specialist, conducting research on state and federal issues.

Since 2007, Nicole has worked independently as a Consultant. She has assisted private companies and local government in various organizational initiatives. The initiative that she is most proud of is the completion and submission of a $10 million dollar appropriation request for the town of Scotland Neck, North Carolina. The request was done in an effort to get support for the town’s infrastructure, technology, and economic development initiatives. The request was re-submitted for Congressional review in 2009. It has gained strong support, including a letter of support from State Representative Angela Bryant.

In November 2007, Nicole’s father, James Mills, was elected Mayor of their small hometown of Scotland Neck, North Carolina. During his campaign, Mr. Mills became extremely ill from a poisonous spider bite, and Nicole stepped forward, rallied and organized support to see her father to victory.

In doing research and talking to members of her community, Nicole became aware of some of the problems in the Office of Register of Deeds; one of which dealt with the lack of technology and the accessibility of records. In line with the vision that she has for her hometown, Nicole saw this as an opportunity to not only bring technology to her hometown, but to also serve her entire county, and state. In February 2008, Nicole ran for the office of Register of Deeds. She was the first person to challenge a sitting Register of Deeds in Halifax County in perhaps 100 years. Nicole personally registered over 200 voters, organized her committee, and maintained key alliances. Although, Nicole did not win the election, she ran a very strong race, and come in second place. She was also an integral player in the re-election of State Representative Angela Bryant.

Since the time of her first defeat, Nicole has continued to push forward with her desire to unite communities and businesses through her website, www.nMyGoals.webs.com.