Happy Birthday Trayvon Martin

On February 5th, Trayvon Martin would have been 21 years old. Happy Belated Birthday!  You will never be forgotten. When I heard what happened to you, I cried like I had known you before. I cried because you represented my brothers, nephews, and cousins who can easily be victimized by the stereotyping that killed you.  You represented my father , who grew up in a time when this behavior was wide spread and common, but was blessed to survive. Trayvon was a blessing in life to his mother and all those who knew him, and he was a blessing in death to the world as he forced us to reexamine our condition as a nation, and individually, and how stereotypes inhibit us from being objective and compassionate to one another. I thank God for you, and your parents, who have shown so much dignity and strength.  Your story will forever be told, as it marks a pivotal time in our history. A time when we were still celebrating our first black president, a time when revolution was wafting the air through the occupy movement, a time when being young felt both liberating and binding because of the old system of things, but hopeful that better could be achieved. Trayvon, you will forever be the spark that keeps me pressing forward toward that goal of liberty and justice for all.


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