Walk the Track in Her Shoes


One of the initiatives for this site is to assist in raising money to assist victims of domestic violence.  I not only wish to assist in raising money for domestic violence, but I would like to raise awareness about the serious impacts that domestic violence has on individuals and our community at large.  My pride keeps me silent about this matter, because as an educated woman, I believe that I should have been smarter about getting myself into the situation that I found myself.  However, by the grace of God, I was able to obtain counseling to help me recognize the signs of abuse and abusers, and my natural response to certain situations.  Domestic violence is the type of personal assault designed to stifle another persons God given liberties.  Some people never recover their full voice after being assaulted.  Counseling and proper support systems, like what is offered at My Sister’s House, here in NC, provides the resources and a safe haven for individuals to start the work of rebuilding their lives.  It has been two years since my last incident, and I am still doing the work of rebuilding my life.  For the most part, I have tried to move beyond the incident by denying to myself that the incident ever happened, that is until something happens that forces me to remember.  This approach has delayed my healing.  We can only heal a situation by facing it head on.  I still can not talk about it without becoming emotional.  I have always been the strong type; I hate crying in front of people.  So I avoid things that would trigger an episode.  I have been told that it is not until you are able to move past the absolute discomfort of a simple discussion that you can actually transition from being a victim to being a survivor. I do not like being a victim, so I will call those of us who still have not made this transition “Individuals Who Have Been Victimized”.  As an individual who has been victimized, and who has benefited from the education, counseling, and support services of programs like My Sister’s House, I would like to thank those people and businesses that offer support to DV programs, and give special recognition to may brother, James Mills, for stepping outside of his zone and participating in the “Walk the Track in Her Shoes” event last weekend.   In my view, this event allowed them an opportunity to have a small taste of the discomfort associated with enduring domestic violence.  The anxiety that these men probably felt putting on women’s shoes and going for a walk is similar to the anxiety that a victimized person feels when they try to step back into the life that they lived prior to the incident.  James Mills you are awesome, and I love you more than you know. For those who do not already know my brother, he is a Financial Adviser and provides comprehensive Retirement Planning in addition to a whole host of other services. If you are interested in planning your financial future, simply contact me and I will get you an appointment. You can see some of the other sponsors for the event on the banner in the picture below.  I encourage everyone to contribute your time and your money to this very important cause, and support the individuals and businesses who have demonstrated their willingness to address this very important issue affecting our communities.

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My Sister’s House

Nashville, NC



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