Continue to push forward


If you are trying to reach a goal that you have never done before, preparation is a key component to your success.  Be sure to create a fail plan, just in case you slightly miss the mark. Life happens, and we are fallible humans. Get over it.  Take note of the things that you should avoid the next go around  and get back on that horse and try again. Yes, you must try again, because the only loser is the one who quits. Tell yourself over and over again that you are a winner.  Preparing affirmations for yourself is a part of the process of being able to continue to push forward.  Believe that you are a winner in spite of your current circumstances and what others seem to believe. You were created to win.  Other people may wish to view you as a loser so they can make themselves feel like winners. Do not get sucked into other peoples perceptions. This is your life. Take control of the things that affect it, and these things will create the world of your dreams.


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