Try something new


It is very easy for people to get into a routine that seems to work for them and simply stay on that track because it is comfortable and convenient.  I have always dreaded becoming that person.  I get a lot of joy from spontaneity. For me, routine is not comfortable because I have gotten onto a whimsical track that caters to my creativity. In business this has been my strength and my weakness. However, I have had some victories when I decided to work outside of my comfort zone, and buckled down to a specific routine in order to accomplish a certain goal.  Getting outside of our comfort zone allows us to explore other parts of ourselves and maximize our potential. If you are looking to receive different results from the ones that you have received before, you must do something different than what you had done before.  Think about where you are, and where you would like to be, and don’t be afraid to execute a new plan to reach your goals. It is never too soon, or too late, to get onto a better path to success.


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