With the many demands on life, sometimes we are forced to make some very hard decisions that may initially appear to derail us from the original path that we were on, and in order to get to the place that we desire, we must do things we really do not wish to do.  When faced with this situation, it may actually be an opportunity for you to build in another area of your life that will ultimately help you along the way in reaching your ultimate goal. For example, I always had a desire to become independent. When I was younger, due to my eagerness to use the word processor, my father allowed me to type his contracts for his business. I later went on to taking typing classes at school. I excelled in my computer classes, and I was asked to be the schools Work Study Secretary.  I had never before thought of being a secretary. Instead of dreading the fact that I was using my spare time at school to work instead of having fun with the other kids, I welcomed the opportunity, because it allowed me to continue to build skills that would help me work toward my ultimate goal.

So when it seems that we are at a crossroad, learn to look for the good that may come from traveling both paths. We can discover new possibilities and opportunities that, even though it was not a part of our original plan, may actually advance us further than we could have ever dreamed would be possible. The key is to perceive positive outcomes, and to be able to make every move that we make count towards advancement.


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