Happy Valentines Day!! Brand Newz

I have been keeping an eye on the Brand Newz project for a few years now.  Some people start a giving project, only to lose interest after it does not pay them the money that they wish to have, or when the project does not draw them the attention that they are seeking.  Giving should never be about what you will get in return.  It should be a selfless act, done because it was necessary and right. Christopher Martin and the Brand Newz team have been keeping their nose to the grind on this mission; and it tells me that they are serious. So I decided to give them some love today. I absolutely love the drive, the mission and the vision – changing the direction of hip-hop.  Like me, so many have grown up on hip-hop.  It has kept us motivated and inspired through the years.  Hip-hop has not always been a reflection of how bad life could be, or how much money we have, or how hard we are. The tests of time have already shown how resilient a people we are, and no one was ever as flossy as our African Kings and Queens. Hip-hop was used to inform and remind us of who we really were in a world where assimilation is rewarded, hip-hop gave a means to say “okay, I see what has been done and I know what is required, but I still remember who I am and where I come from”.  I absolutely love music, and I have a special love for hip-hop.  On this day of love, during this month of Black History, I salute hip-hop and all of its artists and pioneers.  By sharing with you this wonderful opportunity, I am just doing my part to preserve the things that we love.  Do your part to keep hip-hop vibrant, and to allow it to continue to be the life-giving force that it has historically been.  Support this educational initiative. Visit http://www.gofundme.com/brandnewz for more information.

Start to invest in the things that matter to you.

Here is a way to save money so that you will have more money to invest.  Reduce how much you spend on internet.  Use this exclusive link and not only will you save money, but you will help to support educational initiatives, research, corporate giving projects, and community development initiatives.


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