Free Internet!!!!!

New year, new obligations, and new clientele has forced me, and so many others to restructure our priorities.  Reassessment of operating costs and expenses has been top priority for one client. While searching for ways to cut costs, I came across this company, FreedomPop.  They caught my attention by offering free phone and internet services on The View.  I almost could not believe that this was for real, so I reached out to them, and guess what?  IT IS TOTALLY for real!!

USE THIS EXCLUSIVE FreedomPop link to see if you qualify and to subscribe for service!  By using our exclusive link, not only will you save money, but you will help to support educational initiatives, research, corporate giving projects, and community development initiatives. Share this page with others.

The thing that I really like about this company is their motive for providing this service.  They are really interested in making sure that all people have access to the internet regardless of income, so even low income households can stay connected, especially students.

I am in!! Check it out!!


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