RevUp with Rev Alethea – Knowledge & Wisdom: The Reverend Dr. A. Knighton Stanley

Two weeks ago, Rev. Knighton “Tony” Stanley celebrated his 76th birthday.  Rev. Alethea Roselyn took some time to interview Tony and wish him a happy birthday.  Rev. Stanley spoke of his health and the latest trends happening in ministry. This discussion has been added to the “Links” section of for your enjoyment.

Rev. Alethea and Rev. Stan

I pray God will continue to keep you both strong and encouraged.  Happy belated birthday Tony!!!!

For the month of October, Rev. Alethia will be discussing  breast cancer.  If you know a breast cancer survivor who would be willing to be interviewed, please contact Rev. Alethia by email,, or by phone, 202-365-2842.

“RevUP with Rev Alethea” airs every Tuesday at 7PM. –



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