The Road to Success with William Murray

I just finished participating in a conference call hosted by William Murray on “The Road to Success”.  In reaching our goals, it is very important that we link with others, and seek information that will help us get to where we wish to be.  One of the reasons I created this blog was to share information that would be beneficial to my community.  Here are a few tips that I took from tonight’s lesson that I thought you may find beneficial.  If you like these tips, let us know, and share with others.

10 things that we should remember to do while trying to reach our goals:

1.  State what it is that you want

2. Stay focused

3.  Write down your goal

4.  Plan thoroughly

5.  Involve Others

6.  Welcome failure and struggle

7.  Take purposeful action

8.  Inspect what you expect

9.  Reward yourself

10.  Maintain personal integrity

TUNE IN every Monday evening from 8pm to 9pm est time for the FREE Conference call done by WILLIAM MURRY the author of the series THE ROAD TO SUCCESS.
Mr Murry is a 36 year entrepreneur and speaker. He teaches the Thought and Action Process for Success.
Others have been tuning in and are being coached by Mr Murry.PLEASE TAKE 2 SECONDS TO SHARE, YOU NEVER KNOW WHO YOU ARE HELPING!

Conference Access Number: 1-567-314-0334
Conference password: 1950#


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