No one is perfect, so perfect your love.

Even though I believe it to be our life’s mission to strive for perfection, it is very important to acknowledge the reality in which we live,  no one is perfect.  In loving ourselves and fellow man, we should embrace our imperfections as another character trait.  I sometimes find this task difficult.  Especially when it comes to accepting others.  Like the man who claims to love women, but uses, berates, and manipulates them to suit his needs and desires.  Striving to be the best person that I can be, should not include me highlighting the flaws of someone else, or causing hurt so that I can feel good about myself. It is showing love to that lying, cheating, manipulative man as he is, and praying that one day he will see how to live in truth and in the light.   If we focus on perfecting LOVE then we too can possibly receive PERFECTED LOVE. REAL love does not have to lie.  REAL love does not have to manipulate.  REAL love does not hurt.  Be REAL with yourself today. It is the greatest gift you could give yourself and the world.

In reaching our goals, we must accept that there is no excuse for the truth, either it is or it isn’t, either you are or you aren’t.  Are you perfect? Are you willing to perfect your love?


 “My Apology” by Floetry on the nMyGoals YouTube Playlist

nMyGoals on youtube




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