Unveiled Unlocked – “Dinner and a Movie” featuring Eluhim Siddha; Women’s History Month 2013


On Saturday, March 23rd, 2013, in support of Woman’s History Month, I attended the “Dinner and a Movie” event created by Aleathia Brown and her group, Unveiled Unlocked.  Unveiled Unlocked is a movement that provides opportunities to dialogue in order to expand perceptions of the beauty code.

During the “Dinner and a Movie” event, we were allowed the opportunity to preview a film by Yvette Smalls called “Hair Stories”, which featured Eryka Badu and Sonia Sanchez, discussing the history of black hair care, influences, and the impact on African American image.   Following the video, the audience was allowed to discuss the movie with a panel consisting of Carla Brown, Hair Historian; Deborah Gray, Writer and Poet; Gene Alexander, Historian; and Eluhim Siddha, Author and Poet.

unveiled unlocked panel

Eluhim Siddha, as a member of “The Collective”, participated in this panel and offered his insights as a bald headed male on bald headed beauty.  He is also promoting his new book, The Apology.  Click the image below to connect to his Facebook page.  You may also hear some of his poems on the nMyGoals YouTube Poetry playlist.


nMyGoals on youtube

I enjoyed my time with this group, it allowed me time to reflect and share my hair experiences with a group with similar stories to tell, and in hopes of keeping others inspired about their current hair situations.  In reaching our goals, it is important to be able to assess who, what, and where we are in our journeys.  I thank this group for providing a platform that offers support to those who struggle with their personal image, and explores the beauty in black beauty.  I really thought it most fitting for Woman’s History Month to highlight a woman providing insight for other women, and for our platform to share this support with others.  If you are a bareheaded beauty that would like to link with other bareheaded beauties this may be a great group for you.  For more information on Unveiled Unlocked click the image below.

unveiled unlocked logo

This event was held in Raw Space, located at 2031 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd. (7th Ave. btw. 121st & 122nd), New York, NY 10027.  Click the image below to connect to Raw Space’s Facebook page.

raw space1

Dinner was delicious, and was provided by Freda’s Caribbean & Soul Cuisine.  Click the image below to connect to Freda’s Facebook page.


If you are in the NYC area and would like to have your event featured on the nMyGoals blog spot, link with us here on WordPress, Facebook, or Twitter.  Be sure to follow the nMyGoals pages to get the latest updates and information.

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