Presidential Debate for 2012 from Hofstra University

Tonight at 9 p.m. we will be able to see the next to last debate of the Presidential Candidates for 2012. Monday, Oct. 22nd, will be the final debate. Tonight, I believe that President Obama will ride the wave that V. Pres. Biden put in motion during his wonderful performance during last week Thursday’s Vice Presidential Debate. I will be listening closely to hear how these candidates plan to address women’s rights issues, job creation, and Green Solutions in helping our government operate more efficiently. We live in the BEST country in the world. If we were not the greatest nation, than people would not be running to be here from all over the world. Let’s protect what we have, honor our legacy by voting, and bury the hurts of our past with the clear vision of hope in a unified future of prosperity, finding security in our ability to continue to move forward in reaching collective goals, and strengthening our resolve of being the land of opportunity, and providing life, liberty and justice for all.

I am watching tonight’s debate on the YouTube live stream brought to us by ABC News and Yahoo –


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