Slavery and the Making of America

I am sharing the following documentary series because it captures the history of slavery and the impact slaves have had on the creation of America.  I share this footage in order to enlighten our community on the source of African and African American pain and suffering, and to encourage our communities to continue to seek understanding in order to work toward the common good for ALL people.  Should we allow our pain to blind us to our progress, we will surely eliminate the very foundation of our prosperity, which serves as the only remaining evidence of the very blood that was shed in order to make it possible.  We must stand strong at this time, and claim our legacy and take ownership as of all that is America, as Americans.  God created all of his people to be ONE, and any division of our unity only serves to empower those who seek to destroy and disrupt our rights to claim all that we are entitled to receiving and our sovereignty in this nation.  It is said that men push war, and women foster peace.  These very same men mock and disrupt peace negotiations, and they seek to diminish the rights of women, while gay rights become more prolific. Men continue to have the majority within our governmental body, and so I plead with the men of our society to find peaceful ways to resolve our disputes.  It is one thing to hope for peace, it something else to actually act and live in a way that fosters peace.  I do not believe that any people can elevate themselves by imitating those who have caused them pain  (taking the attitude, well they did it to us, so we should do it to them).  People can only elevate themselves by taking the higher road than those who have done wrong, and teaching the offender how to be better persons, by being the example, and thus earning the respect.  We can be at war, while fostering peace; it only takes brains, and not brawn.  Given that we are living in the age of information, I strongly believe that we can reach our goal of justice for all, should we address the sources of our pain, and negotiate from positions of information and not simply emotion.  Information and education are the tools that aid in keeping people from being taken advantage of, manipulated, and exploited.  The house Negro and the field Negro are both considered Negroes in the slave system.  In many cases, both were kept from being properly educated; and had they been able to put their differences aside and negotiate with their oppressors from their positions of commonality, we would, no doubt, have a much stronger union.  I share the dream of Martin Luther King, Jr., and I will not allow anyone to extinguish the light that is sparked within me from the hopes and dreams of justice, and life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all people. If you truly desire to have a more perfect union, I encourage you to seek peace, and to allow your  lights to shine so bright that it sets fire to the ill will of those who seek destruction. Allow the oppressors to self destruct.  But do not allow them to push us into helping them destroy the very progress, and the strongest nation, that we helped create.

Click on the video’s below to watch the documentary “Slavery and the Making of America.”






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