Breast Cancer Awareness Month with J.C. Penney!!!

Today when I was looking for a great deal on having my hair cut, I was pleasantly surprised to discover JC Penney’s special for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I knew that I would not qualify for a free haircut, but I was happy to know that my dollars would be going to support a very worthy cause.

The team at the salon were pleasant, accommodating and professional; and gave me a very nice trim, and some nice gifts. 🙂  I was even able to pick up some of my favorite Paul Mitchell Foaming Pommade!

After getting my hair cut, I perused the store for something to protect my hair, because it was very gloomy and misty in NY today. I found a cute hat for ONLY $16.  While checking out, I ran into a wonderful lady, named Phyllis, who not only introduced me to some jewelry that I would never have been able to pick out on my own, but she introduced me to Laua, who gave me a wonderful facial!!!!


I walked out of J.C. Penney extremely happy today!!!

 I rarely treat myself in this way, and the women at J.C. Penney transformed me, and an ordinary, gloomy day, into something simply beautiful. Thank you to J.C. Penney and it’s employees for the work that you are doing.  I sought to support a worthy cause, and was pleasantly surprised by the genuine care and attention that was provided. The spirit of your organization in treating others as you would like to be treated, providing quality products at reasonable prices, and giving back to the community by raising awareness and making contributions to the Breast Cancer Foundation, made for an exceptional shopping experience.  Thank you for truly making a difference in the lives of women.

I rest tonight even happier to have J.C. Penney as one of my favorite American companies.  You really represent what nMyGoals is all about.

Visit J.C. Penney, and tell everyone that you know to take advantage of this wonderful offer in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month. 🙂


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