Chick-fil-A Gay Foolery



REALLY AMERICA???!!!!!!! REALLY??!!! YOU ARE GIVING ME A HEADACHE!! EVERYONE has the right to freedom of speech and expression. EVERYONE!! Gay and Straight! LET’S GROW UP PEOPLE!  Corporations are not people, and the founders of corporations have the right to have opinions and run their companies based on their values, as long as they are not DISCRIMINATING against any group of people.  The Chick-fil-A founder DID NOT say he HATED gay people.  He simply stated HIS belief in the traditional form of marriage.  He has that right.  Based on his spiritual belief’s he does not open his restaurant on Sunday’s. Big deal!  It is not any different than Jews not opening shop on Saturday’s.  GET A GRIP! Chick-fil-A did not create, Chick-fil-A day.  This poor company is being exploited by the media and those with political interests to, once again, create a distraction and create division of the people. We must be more mindful to separate some of our personal issues from our businesses, or else we will cause great damage to our corporate environment and economic stability.  I hope ALL of you, show this much energy come November for the Presidential Election.  WHETHER YOU SUPPORT GAY MARRIAGE OR NOT YOU ALL NEED TO COME AND SUPPORT OBAMA!!!!  IF YOU DON’T YOU ARE PLAYING RIGHT INTO THE HANDS OF THE 1%.   THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL OF THIS MADNESS.   WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!






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