RIP Chuck Brown

Although I am late in giving tribute, today I was reminded of Chuck Brown, and reminded that it is always better to be late than never.  Chuck was recognized late in life, but I am happy that he lived long enough to see a day of recognition.  There are many people who touch our lives through the giving of themselves through their talents, who never become recognized for their works. Today I decided to remember Chuck Brown. I came to know Go Go music late in life; discovering it, and Chuck Brown’s roots in NC were delightful and inspiring to keep pushing.  The Godfather of Go Go, Chuck Brown, developed DC as the epicenter for Go Go music – music that keeps you going and going with hypnotic percussion.  Mr. Brown, you will indeed be missed, and as we keep going, we will carry your drive with us always.

The Washington Post has a nice series of video dedications. You can view them by clicking the link below.  God bless.


I believe that this may have been his last performance.



August 22, 1936 – May 16, 2012


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