Meet me for dinner

I received this wonderful invitation from our President, and I would love to meet him for dinner, but would need your help.  Your donations to our page, allows participation in events such as this, and allows our voices to be heard on important issues.  Support our President, and support nMyGoals at

God bless.


Nicole —
We’re organizing another dinner with folks like you, and I hope you’ll take me up on the offer.

Pitch in $3 or whatever you can today to be automatically entered to join me.

These dinners mean something more than just a meal among friends.

They represent the kind of politics we believe in. It’s a simple but powerful idea: Everyone should have a seat at the table, no matter where you come from or how much you can afford to give.

The other side has special-interest allies lining up to tear us down.

I’ve got you.

These dinners are a small way for me to say thanks, so I’m saving you a seat.

Chip in what you can today and you’ll be automatically entered to be there:

Thanks, for everything.



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