Eugenics Program update

On Tuesday the NC House passed a bill to compensate the victims of the Eugenics Program, despite some dispute to lower the amount of compensation.  Click the video below to watch some of the debate.  If you are interested in watching the session in its entirety you may click the following link.


A one time payment of $50,000 is what passed in the House.  I can not believe that there was actually an argument to lower the compensation to these victims .  This compensation package is really a slap in the face, in light of this atrocity.  I pray that the Senate will do the right thing and pass this bill as it stands.



Stop the attacks on women

Posted on May 31, 2012 by nMyGoals

Please watch Elaine and Tony Riddick today on Anderson Cooper, as they discuss the Eugenics Program.  Share this story with everyone you know. We must stop the attacks on women!!


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