Eugenics Program – Stop the attacks on women

Catch Elaine and Tony Riddick on Anderson Cooper today!!!!


Between November 10th – 11th, 2011 I made several posts to my Facebook pages and two post to this blog enlightening the community of the horrible acts committed against poor women in North Carolina under the NC Eugenics Program.  Today, when I attempted to pull those posts to re-post them so that you are reminded that this issue still has not been resolved, I discovered that my posts had been removed.  I am begging you to please share this atrocity with your family, neighbors, and friends.  The attack on women is not a figment of our imaginations.  I became aware of this through a friend of mine, Anthony Riddick’s, whose mother was a victim of this program.  I have since learned that North Carolina is not the only place where this program was implemented.  Eugenics sterilization was practiced in more than 20 other states, and within our international communities as well.  Please listen…

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