C Minor – You Don’t know (Official Music Video); nMyGoals supports artists

nMyGoals can help an artist reach their goals by giving support, encouragement, ideas, and opportunities that will help give additional exposure.  Art is another form of communicating, and is a part of the balance that we need to be fulfilled and able to live happy and productive lives.  How many people do you know that work while listening to music?

Please link with our official website  www.nMyGoals.webs.com to learn more about the nMyGoals vision, mission, and purpose. Share this blog with others, and please give a donation that will assist in keeping this website up and running.  Your donation allows this website to continue to develop the nMyGoals network, offer information, inspiration and tools that help artists and others reach their goals.  Donations help this song stay in circulation on the nMyGoals blog site.  There is no set dollar amount to contribute, everyone is struggling, but every little bit helps…give what you can and help push us all closer to reaching our goals. God bless.

The following song comes straight out of NC, from C Minor, titled  “You Don’t Know”.  I can not help but spotlight talent when I see it.  This is the first upcoming artist to be showcased here on the nMyGoals Network. C Minor you earned your spotlight. Keep grinding homie, your time is just around the corner.

You can hear more from C Minor by visiting the following links:


Donations can be made through our website –  www.nMyGoals.webs.com


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