Trayvon Martin update

There really is so much going on in our world that it is overwhelming, from the attacks on women, to fighting off all types of mass distractions, like the gay rights debates, and have you seen who Kim Kardashian is dating?  Mindless activities and gossip is deterring people from concentrating on the real issues at hand, like seeking real justice for Trayvon. Individually, we can do our part and keep one another informed on the issues that really matter.  Share this message in order to remind people that this matter has not been resolved as yet.

It is said that if there is reasonable evidence to show that George Zimmerman was afraid for his life then he may not be convicted of second degree murder.  They continue to talk about Trayvon’s hoodie as making him look intimidating, however, it was raining outside, and Zimmerman never showed fear on the 911 tapes. He thought because Trayvon had his hands in his pocket he looked suspicious.  My question is, as a Neighborhood Watch Captain, isn’t being in situations that make you afraid part of the job? Wouldn’t this be considered Assumption of the Risk?  The problem is that he was “Self Appointed” to a position that he was not ready for, nor qualified, and thus he should not be allowed to say he was afraid, because he put himself in the situation to begin with, and as a result a child is dead.  I do not understand how we can allow someone to play cop, kill someone, and then say he did it because he was afraid.  This is just unreal!!!!  Furthermore, Zimmerman’s lack of compassion over the fact that he took a child’s life is appalling.

To watch the latest videos and for updates on the case, visit the website of Parks and Crump, or click the following link.

I think the following blog gives a great perspective, which I also share.  I hope you enjoy reading it as well.

George Zimmerman is scheduled to appear in court again on May 29th.  As far as I am concerned, the courts should just be going through the motions, as this should be an open and shut case, minus the media hype.  Racial profiling and cases of vigilante justice in America, tarnish our image and could deter businesses from wanting to come to the United States; and could also put our businesses on foreign soil at risk.  As people become more and more upset with US policy over the handling of minority issues, our image as the land of opportunity is cheapened to the land of opportunity for a select few.   This case can be an opportunity for our justice system to take a stand against bias justice, and move forward with correcting the issues that exist and disrupt our principles of Equal Protection Under the law.

I continue to keep the family and counselors in my prayers in order to obtain justice for Trayvon.



4 thoughts on “Trayvon Martin update

  1. You are so right. Zimmerman never went back to his truck because he continued following Trayvon. He hates blacks and I believe he said some nasty words to Trayvon to start a fight so he could shoot him. Then claim self-defense. And the police know him that’s why they didn’t arrest him. What has a hood got to do with Trayvon walking to his father’s girlfriend’s house. Hoods come with jackets. Second degree murder right and I hope the jury finds him guilty so he can spend his time in prison.

    1. The media has done a great job with portraying black people as violent. Fear kills, love heals….is all I can say. Zimmerman’s fear killed Trayvon, however, his fear should not be an excuse for him to get away with murder. He put himself in this situation. Trayvon was not the perpetrator. Those of us who desire peace must use this as motivation and nurture a more loving culture. Did you hear the song from Chaka Khan? Check it out! It keeps me from being angry, but focused on the vision for the future. LOVE MISSION 🙂

  2. The reason I believe it was also Zimmerman’s intention to shoot Trayvon that’s why he followed him and started an argument with him and there was no reason for that. And Trayvon is not the only black he would shoot if he seen them walking down that path. He needs to be disqualified from carrying a gun period. He has an anger problem that will never be solved. When he hit that policeman years back he should have spent time in prison but because they all knew him the police let it go. That is not good police work.

    1. Thank you Mariann for your comments. I could not agree with you more. People with recorded anger management issues should not be allowed to carry weapons.

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