Beyonce- Broken Hearted Girl

I have been asked about discussing relationships on this site.  I have generally steered clear of this, as I have been really going through it in that area, however, writing is my therapy…not sure how to deal with some things…they say confession is the first step to redemption….I still have not published my work on toxic personalities, I have decided to tie the two together.  As I monitor your response to my posts, I will decide whether to keep it as a segment or drop it.  I will also be touching on the areas of abuse and the lives of victims/survivors, so please stay tuned.  God bless.


2 thoughts on “Beyonce- Broken Hearted Girl

  1. People are different. no two situations are the same. I know people who were at each other’s necks ( the whole infidelity, alcohol and drugs abuse, fights, etc) for years, many years ago. But today, 20 years later from those dark and dreadful years- they have 3 children, 3 grandchildren, and they are happy and(it appears) as loving as ever. When you visit them, you can see they are happy (there’s an air of peace about). If some1 had convinced one or both of them, 20 years ago, to part ways, goodness knows what would have happened. So beware what you advise others about relationships.

    1. Thank you so much for reaching out. I agree with you. I generally do not advise people on anything. I speak about my experiences and observations in hopes that it will assist others.

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