Long overdue response to the gay issue; and President Obama and the Fight for LGBT Rights

Gay rights:  Politics vs. Personal

I support the President because I admire the love that he shows all people.   However, I believe that gay issues are personal issues that should not be politicized or publicized.  What a person does in his/her bedroom, whether they are gay or straight, is a personal matter that should not be flaunted, it is just poor taste, and crass.  President Clinton likes blow jobs, but in some states, that is illegal.   This whole discussion really gets me frustrated because there are real issues that need our focus. If we view the gay rights issue as a human rights issue, then it becomes a legal matter, and still should not be pushed on our legislators, it should be addressed through our court system.  Every human should have the right to love who they chose to love.  Our legal system was not created to support emotional whims and I would deter our politicians from creating laws based on their emotional or spiritual preferences, as laws should be constructed to represent the American people as a whole, religious and non-religious.  Out of many nations, we have created one nation, and thus we must have a system that supports the general needs of individuals, and the sovereignty of each culture to preserve and propagate their culture without fear of judgment, or worse yet, being labeled a terrorist, or a bigot, or in this case, a fagot.  Judgment on personal matters (not criminal matters) should always be left up to the one true judge, GOD.  The church should have no influence over our individual lives unless we enlist to receive their doctrines, and agree to the terms of membership, just like any other corporate body (like fraternities).  I believe there should be limits placed on the role, and how much influence, that fraternities and other corporate bodies may have on the legislative process. If the church is confused on how to handle the gay issue, I have a few suggestions. If you are interested in hearing it from a poor, black, country girl, who never attended Yale, and barely graduated St. John’s, I will offer my suggestions in another post, as this post is politics vs. personal. Social institutions have always had the power to grant the same services to gay couples as they do to married couples.  I do not understand the need of putting this into a law; and I will re-iterate, I don’t understand, and it is because I refuse to waste time understanding something that I find to be juvenile, and covered by the same laws that ban discrimination.  Putting the LGBT movement on the same level as the Civil Rights Movement, diminishes the Civil Rights Movement to an emotional issue, instead of respecting it as precedent, and compromises those it seeks to protect, by redefining its authority to include discrimination against a preference, rather than a people; it turns from biological in nature to perceptional.  The attacks on gays should be handled with the same intensity as any other hate crime is handled. Lol… I know that may not be a comfort in light of what we all felt following the Trayvon Martin case; but the issue is not the law, the issue has to do with due process.  Social institutions already have a great deal of social control by the very nature of their organization and purpose.  Although I believe in corporations giving back to the community, allowing corporations, like Koch Brothers and others, to have influence over the legislative process, disrupts our balance of powers, as it gives these organizations a type of monopoly over our entire social system, and drowns out the individual voices of the people, pushing people into a social construct instead of nurturing and utilizing the power of individuality, thus creating a weaker society.  Do you think that people should be able to think for themselves or not? Should a person have the freedom to decide not to pursue higher education, and not be looked down on and marginalized in society?  Should a woman have the freedom to have an abortion, without being labeled a murderer, and judged as being less of a woman?  This is what it boils down to in the end.   – LOVE, yes; EXPANDING GOVERNMENT, no



I think we owe it to our civil rights leaders, and the LGBT community to get this right.  Show love regardless of race, creed, color, gender, age, disability, status, or sexual orientation.   Let’s focus not only on the law, let’s also focus on judicial process.



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