Rev. A. Knighton Stanley

The formation of the nMyGoals project has been a massive undertaking.  God gave a vision for a way to serve our community, and at times I wondered if it was possible; however HE keeps reassuring this path by pulling the people and situations to the table that nurture the necessary growth needed to continue to push everyday. It has been a slow painful process, and the journey is not over; because the mission has not yet been completed.  People, our communities, and a belief that God’s will can be done on Earth as it is in Heaven; are the motives that fuel this train.

The one person that has been instrumental in the development of this project, has been Rev. A. Knighton Stanley aka Tony.  Life is forever growing, forever learning, and forever sharing; Tony has adapted well to the technology and demonstrates that we are never too old to learn new tricks.   Tony’s recognition is way overdue.  You keep the phone on, and I can not say thank you enough. Our perfectionist attitudes, clear imperfections, and love for service and the arts have been a stronger bond than the things that we may not see eye to eye over.  Thank you for being you, allowing me to be me, and for supporting this project.

Learn more about Dr. Stanley, and allow him to inspire you through his book “A View From My Window”. Visit the website and purchase your copy today.

To learn more about the vision and purpose of the nMyGoals project please visit


One thought on “Rev. A. Knighton Stanley

  1. It is an amazing skill to put your time and energy towards the dreams and visions of another to leave a legacy for a life time. God bless you both in your mission and obedience to serve.

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