First day of class. What area of your life do you wish to develop?

Yesterday was my first day of class. I decided to take my very first acting class in order to overcome some personal challenges and develop my knowledge of screenplays for the video production piece for our blog.  I was not feeling well and getting out of the house was a challenge. This is the first class that I have physically attended in over 6 years. Getting into the city was frustrating, as I got lost trying to find the building.  However, the excitement over my new adventure fueled my determination to be there.  I hate being late. Without the fuel of knowing that I am working on something for a greater good, my drifting mind would have easily lead me to skip this class and start window shopping instead. I rushed through the streets, passing beautiful store fronts in order to reach my desired destination. In my current state, I could not help but recognized that I was torn between the material and non-material world; I was reaffirmed of my decision to attend.  Beautiful store fronts, featuring trinkets that reminded me of better days, and created hopes of an even better future, lending much, of which I could never fully describe, to my imagination and creativity.

Upon my arrival, my class had already become engaged in reading a short skit.  The intimate nature of the session was pleasing; and the instructor, welcoming, despite my tardiness.  The class reviewed and discussed the opposites that were present in a short play by Shakespeare, before performing another piece and receiving wonderful criticism from the instructor.  The enthusiasm of the class to learn and perfect their skills was inspiring, and I look forward to also developing my skills through my interactions with the group.  For our next class, I was assigned a monologue from the play “Our Town”.  I was told that this is a classic piece.  I look forward to learning my part, exploring this classic work, and continuing to share with you in the days to come how our shared experiences can help us reach our goals.

Today’s Lesson:

“No matter what part you decide to play, make sure that part is true to who you are, otherwise it will not appear authentic.”

Without a true desire to learn, we will drift into areas of folly.  What area of your life do you wish to develop? What steps are you taking to make it happen?

Ponder these questions as you make your plans moving forward.  Your struggle, could be someone else’s struggle. The solution that you have found, could help someone else over come the same obstacle.  Share the answers to these questions with me, as I would love to hear from you, and pass on our experiences in order to help someone reach their goals.  God bless.


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