Time for a fat tax?

This post is written in response to the blog posted by Dr. Mark Knight, “Time for a fat tax?” (time-for-fat-tax.html)

Great info Doc. I really had no idea on how expensive this problem had become.  Right on the heels of my post yesterday speaking about diet.  However, your suggestions to ban junk food and soda’s make me want to faint.  The problem is not the junk food and soda’s, it’s the over indulgence in them that creates the problem. I think that these types of regulations would have grave effects on our economy, stifling free enterprise, and the culture of freedom that we all enjoy.  I am against the expansion of government in this way. It would change the very culture of America, where cheeseburgers, fried chicken, and ice cream rule. There is a already a campaign to fight obesity headed by the First Lady, Michelle Obama, called Let’s Move.  If we all chimed into the movement we could have a strong impact on the conscience of Americans to eat healthier. Being overweight is hard and punishment enough without being attacked by your peers and the government.  I do not think that these people wish to have a pity party, most are motivated to lose the weight but may lack discipline, direction, etc.   Let’s not use tough love until we have actually started to use straight love to solve the problem.

Just to get a glimpse at all the foods that we may no longer enjoy, I looked up some typical American Dishes.  I most liked the list presented by Pen and Fork. Take a look.  http://penandfork.com/news-nibbles/50-quintessential-american-dishes/


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