Think Like A Man, Trayvon Martin, and Plies

Friday, I went to the movie theater and saw Think Like A Man.  Few movies draw me to the theater, but because of my peeps peeps 😉 Taraji P. Henson, I made the trip.  I find her to be entertaining, and was very pleased to see her in another well picked role.  If you have not seen this movie yet, you really should not wait.  This movie is simple, and simply funny, as it spotlights some of the in’s and out’s of modern dating. Good investment. This movie really appealed to the female need to understand men, and allowed me to laugh at the many images that we women have, and at our expectations. Well written, great cast, and great marketing, what more could you ask for.  Speaking of marketing,  their team sought to target every audience possible, the socially conscience, men, women, liberal and conservatives, and made me take another look at the type of movies that we invest our time and money into. Only the second movie to get a review here, and like I said before, this movie was a good investment for the following reasons:  1) We humans can not survive on our own.  Learning how to build healthy relationships is key to reaching our goals.  2) Did you know that Sony used LED lighting for the production!!!!!  Remember one of our goals is to become and operate more efficiently in order to preserve our environment.  Kudos to Sony!!!!  3) Clean entertainment shows genuine care for our community.  It’s like having healthy choices at our fast food restaurants.  A healthy diet consists of not only healthy food choices but also healthy movie choices, healthy music choices, healthy book choices, etc.  As we women learn to  think like men in order to please our men, we also create healthy environments for children to grow and learn how to become healthy adults in order to continue this circle of life. Super Life, Super Life, YEAH!!!!

Still jamming to Chaka Khan’s “Super Life, Fear Kills, Love Heals”. Fear can keep us locked away from one another, unable to bond in order to discuss bigger issues that can effect relationships.  I was happy that BlackTree TV asked the cast of Think Like A Man what they thought about the Trayvon Martin incident. Although they look a little confused about why they were being asked this question, I think that Meagan Good and Regina Hall gave pretty good responses.  Stars influence so much of young American culture,  having them answer real questions reminds them of their position in our universe; and reminds the people of the issues at hand.  To whom much is given, much is required.

In case you have not been following the case of Trayvon Martin, let me give you a VERY quick update.  George Zimmerman, killer of Trayvon Martin (unarmed 17 year old), in spite of protests, remained free more than 30 days following the killing,  had the nerve to post a website asking for assistance with his legal fees.  “In fear for his life”, he fled Sanford. Police found him in Jacksonville and arrested him.  He had a bond hearing, and was released.  Now there is proof that the testimony given at the Bond Hearing was not completely forth right (surprise, surprise).

This case makes me so sick I try not to talk about it, as to avoid the heart burn and nausea I feel every time I hear how Zimmerman and Florida Law Enforcement manipulate our system.  With Zimmerman clearly being a flight risk, all of the protests, and Zimmerman being a possible suicide candidate, I do not understand how he made bond.  He should be held in protective custody at the very least.  Now we learn that he and his family lied under oath, at the Bond Hearing, about the amount of money they had at their disposal for bond.  Zimmerman sought bond, claiming indigence status (meaning that he is poor), now information has been received that Zimmerman’s website collected $204,000. The judge should revoke his bond, and the entire family should be tried for perjury.  Martin Luther King once said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere?”  I believe we live in a great nation because of what we represent – Freedom, Opportunity, Hope, The Strong, The Brave, The Proud.  However, cases like this bruise the very wounds that we continue to only bandage, without seeking a cure.  Cases like this provide an opportunity for dialogue on the issue of prejudice in America.  Every infraction against a minority should be used as a teaching model and motivation for everyone to fight against these stereotypes.

Stereotyping made Trayvon Martin appear to be a threat, and was the rational behind George Zimmerman shooting him.  Stereotyping is the reason many African American men end up in prison, so many women are victimized, and so many children are abandoned. They did not fit the stereotype.  Having been a victim I understand fear – fear of people, places, and things.   We were not BORN with a spirit of fear, but LIFE can hurt, and tragedy always seems to linger, creating fear. I do not believe that we can ever truly be reborn, but I believe we can find peace.  As I continue to develop my faith into practice, I look forward to having a change in heart.  I currently believe that we can only protect our innocence, and once it’s gone, it’s gone.  No need to pretend to be something you are not.  You are not innocent, and you are not perfect.  Perfection, like beauty, is seen only through the eyes of the beholder.  You may not be perfect to the person looking at you, but you are perfect in God’s eyes, to suit his purpose; and that should give you perfect peace.  Fear is the natural and healthy response our bodies have in order to protect us. It tells us to proceed with caution.  That’s why children need parents for protection.  Once we have gone off into the world it is hard to shed the things of the world. Not one of us is qualified to judge another because as adults we have all been in the world; and poking fun at someone else’s faults, only highlights your own ignorance. Grow up.  Judgement, ridicule, and deception are all tools of the devil used for control, that destroy the very fabric of anything that involves it, because it’s very nature is to control or destroy, not nurture or build. Love and lies should not go in the same sentence. Although we all may be guilty of saying or knowing someone who has said, “I lied because I love you and I did not want to hurt you.” When truth is, you lied because you were not strong enough to tell the truth.  Once again bandaging a problem, instead of understanding it to determine a possible cure.  Society’s lack of personal control, makes governing bodies want to control everyone and everything else around society’s faults and weaknesses.  Pointing the finger at someone else, distracts others from seeing the real problem.  For example, let’s look at gangsta rap. Gangsta rap is an art form with a huge and diverse audience.  But the stereotype is only poor black kids from the ghetto like rap.  People complain about the impact it has, arguing that it promotes violent behavior.  But did they forget that violent environments created the artists that made this music?  Why punish the artist for portraying what he knows and making a profit?  People need to take responsibility for what they expose themselves to and learn a healthy balance.  Stop looking to others to find your balance, God already gave it to you.  A member from my church looked shocked when I told him that I LOVE Lil’ Wayne.  Like, how could a “good girl”, like Lil Wayne?  Something must be wrong.  Nothing is wrong with me.  I am real about who I am, where I come from, and I do not feel guilty about liking gangsta rap, nor do I pretend to want to fit into your stereotype of whatever you think a “good girl” listens to. I love all forms of art. Do I think listening to gangsta rap has negative side effects? Just as bad as eating 2 candy bars back to back.  You know bad things can happen when you are on a sugar rush. LOL  The problem is not the rapper; people need to grow up, and learn to pick their battles.

Here is another Trayvon Martin tribute. This one is from Plies. Thanks for keeping real and telling us how you feel. I should have posted this over two weeks ago, but I hope you enjoy it today. Never too late to be real!!!  Stereotypes effect us all.  WE ARE TRAYVON MARTIN!


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