The power of music and the arts – “So Blessed”

The arts, and music in particular arouses our emotions. Emotions move us, letting us know that we are still alive. Audio and visuals, stimulate the nerve and the very things that make us tick, like a clock. The energy force that was God given because he so loved the world.  My cousin acted in a play called “Jesus Christ Superstar”.  Although I was not able to see the actual production, the title made me put Jesus in a whole different perspective.  Like, maybe Jesus Christ was a superstar.  He very well may have been the very first minister to do the things that he did, and was famous before the invention of  T.V., radio, or anything else, and they killed him. I do not have any children, but I can feel Mary’s pain.  The emotions elicited in women made the news of Jesus’s death go viral.  Today I was thinking of how we often chose to remember why Jesus died without looking at the impact it really had on those he left behind.  Jesus died for the world, but he had two women by his side, and his brother. He was not alone in doing God’s work. Women are the heart of this story, as we were responsible for carrying the loving message of the life of Jesus.  Do you ever think of the role music may have played in bringing comfort to those whom Jesus left behind? Do you think of the role music has played in carrying this message of love? Love is the most powerful emotion of all; as God so loved the world he gave his only son; and so did Mary, as she only had one Jesus. Women and children need the love of men in order to do God’s work and feel protected.  Mary and the rest of the family was able to carry on with Jesus’ love and with their love for God.  A new appreciation for music and art may have been formed when Jesus passed away, as it would have been needed in order to express the pain felt from his passing.  Men rely on God for love and protection, in order to provide for and protect the women and children in their lives, with his brother as his keeper.  When Jesus died it shook the very core of men, as they witnessed the price to be paid for not following the status quo.  Music and art would have acted as a tool for men to form solidarity and a source of strength and courage to press forward. Today, given the very turbulent times, we continue to use music and art in much of the same way; we use it to feel love, protection, strength, courage, and as a means of motivation. Music and art have played a huge role in my life and overall development, and thus I felt it important to share and further examine.  Balancing this tool is important as we work toward reaching our goals.

I recently came across this very moving video about an elderly man who is revived by listening to music. It inspired me to look deeper at the things that motivate us, in order to chart the course moving forward.  I hope that you find this inspiring, and you too will look at how art moves you.

An artist that keeps moving is Jill Scott. Love you Jill!! And I love your new track “So Blessed”.  Being able to count the blessings in the midst of the storm is indeed a gift and a blessing.  Enjoy!   😀


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