Trayvon Martin – Super Life, Fear Kills, Love Heals

While everyone has been spewing over the Trayvon Martin case, I have been observing to see what will happen next.  Trayvon Martin was a 17 year old, Black male, who was walking home from the store when George Zimmerman, a 27 year old, white male, and self appointed neighborhood watch captain, called 911 on him, stating that he looked suspicious.  Zimmerman pursued Trayvon, stopped him for questioning, and when Trayvon refused to answer his questions an altercation occurred that left Trayvon shot dead.  Zimmerman has yet to be charged for the murder of Trayvon.  The poor response and handling of this matter by local and state officials has now gained international attention and has sparked rallies all over the nation in solidarity with the parents of Trayvon Martin, demanding the arrest of George Zimmerman.  There are so many issues with this case at every level that I really have been floored.  There are issues with the police and state attorney following protocol; there are issues with the Stand Your Ground Law being injected as a self defense claim, and how the law was even passed to begin with; and the question of whether this case will be handled as a hate crime. When I first heard this story, my first response was, “No way.”  I waited because I thought that Zimmerman would surely be arrested.  After all, he can plead self defense in court, Trayvon is dead, and there is no question that Zimmerman was the shooter.  It has been over a month, and Zimmerman is still walking free. The tainting of evidence, and witness tampering has breached a public trust and has compromised the integrity of this case, which will make the job of a Grand Jury very difficult, if they are able to convene a Grand Jury with all the media attention that the case has received. This case picks America’s scab of prejudice, revealing the sores/issues generated by fear and bigotry.  I do not foresee this case having a happy ending for anyone.    Right now we are asking for Zimmerman to be arrested, but will we really be happy if the case against him is dismissed?  I can not help but feel that this is another Republican ploy to make the Obama Administration look as though they are not concerned with the issues that face minorities.  This case has too many issues, and too many officials screwing up for it to be just one big mistake. The timing, during the Presidential campaign season, could not have been better timing to stir up resentment;  and we all know how easily people can be distracted.  To top the cake, we have the new Black Panther Party ready to move in and do a citizens arrest of Zimmerman.  When I first heard this, my response was, “Yes! Go get him boys.”  But, after further thought, I realized, that is exactly what they want us to do.  Florida wants to create a riot, and a situation that would justify killing and jailing more African Americans and any other American that does not work toward their conservative agenda; after all, that would mean fewer people that would be able to vote. Fox news even had the nerve to announce on the 29th, that Florida sentenced a 17 year old, African American male to a life sentence for killing two British tourists (  All I could say was, “What the hell!!!”  I know the two cases are very different, but how could Fox be so insensitive to air this now? Many Americans are feeling slighted these days for one reason or another, and it would not take much to have the people explode from frustration.  These are the times when every value we hold is tested.  Do you plan to pass this test?  We all must decide what impact we will allow this tragedy to have on our lives, on our families, on our communities, and on our nation.  Remember, the whole world is watching.  We must remember that it is the American image that many buy into, and it is to our benefit that we protect that image.  The system does not always work to the benefit of minorities, but now that we are making strides, and holding positions of power, we can start to change the systems that seek to oppress.  WE MUST stay focused.

This tragedy has moved the hearts of many, who wish to see action taken.  I have heard a few songs created in memory of Trayvon Martin.  However, Chaka Khan’s is my FAVORITE!!!!  “Fear Kills, Love Heals”.  In just a few words, Sister Chaka gave the problem and solution.  We all must learn to live LOVE. We all have to live a super life for the babies. I pray that the Champions in this case continue to fearlessly demand justice, while allowing their love for the people and this nation to heal their hearts, providing clarity on the many issues at hand, and direction in crafting a fair resolution.


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