KONY – Whose side are you on?

We really are in the end of days. It seems that everything under the sun, including the sun is an issue.  Overwhelmed by all the events from Whitney passing to now KONY, my fingers have not been able to keep up.  I know that our politicians are not able to keep up.

I believe the KONY movement is the product of the Occupy movement group that is once again demonstrating the power of sensationalized media.  There is no denying that the acts that have been done by KONY under the Ugandan government are horrible, but look at how the African American people are suffering under the US government. Uganda just has someone to take the fall for their atrocities. I think that we must be very careful when we take it upon ourselves to clean someone else’s house without paying attention to the shit sitting on your front porch. I saw one video where KONY said he was following orders. Moreover, this has been going on for over 2 decades, my question is, why did we not hear about this prior to having our troops deployed? Why does this have to be done in 2012 after it has been happening for 2 decades? Why not 2013?  YES, this should be stopped, but I have to ask questions when rules of procedure are being broken. This may set a very poor precedent for the use of our military, as they are being deployed in an advisory capacity to the Ugandan government in a situation that does not pose a threat to our national security, the non-profit group is asking that KONY be captured or killed, and should the Ugandan government decide to act on KONY we have just placed our troops in harms way, because if the Ugandan government wanted to get rid of KONY and they have not been able to do so over the past 2 decades they will be looking for additional US aid, of which, I do not think we are in a position to provide.  I think Republicans are trying to bankrupt this country, and are using KONY to demonstrate how they will handle those opposed to the republic and its international agenda of globalization.  If there is a system to judge KONY, surely we can use that very same system to put George Bush on trial for 9/11.  After all, it’s about doing what’s right, right?

Whose side are you on, was the question asked by the Occupy group. In this case, right now, my opinion is that y’all all wrong for the way this is being handled.  Now that troops have been deployed to handle this situation, we should not allow this non-profits campaign to capture and kill KONY to interfere with our campaigns to provide equal education to ALL so that everyone will be able to understood the importance of issues like KONY.  We can not ignore the fact that this message was spread mostly via the internet, a tool that is still not easily accessed in poor and rural communities  and thus will not be included in this very important international discussion. Not to mention, this non-profit group allowed Rihanna to take her clothes off for the cause; which makes their motive appear to be money and the exploitation of the condition of African people.  With the mounting disrespect and attacks on African and African American women and the attack on women’s rights, this type of ad hurts our bigger domestic causes that require action.  I am not defending KONY’s actions, I am just saying, there appears to be some missing pieces to this puzzle, and thus I am not moved to kill or capture anyone as yet. Waiting to see what happens next.


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