The nMyGoals Community Network

Imagine a place where information is free, and people are there to coach, support, and inspire us to reach for our dreams, no matter what they may be, as long as they will help us become positive productive members of society.  Imagine a place that works with government for the welfare of the public, that represents the public, and is operated by the public (like a special lobbyist for the public).  Imagine a place that nurtures businesses by countering the news of corporate greed by promoting corporate giving programs and keeping them in touch with their human resources in a very personal way. Imagine.
My network was spawned from an initial goal of creating a business incubator for my hometown and making the town wireless. When I say building the network, right now that just means that I am working on the platform.  I wish to have a network of businesses to be a part of the incubation, however, I must have the platform ready to provide them with the tools they need. Businesses and advocates who are a part of the network are asked to purchase services. I push to promote the need for technology in making our communities operate more efficiently, and to become more environmentally and socially conscious. However, the network will give exposure to the other issues that the advocates are pushing for and will provide opportunities for additional exposure.  My network is a design concept for how we can build our community, each one teach one concept. It is motivation.  It is a new way of looking at our lives and our government and how we currently operate. I have been shy about talking to people about it because I did not want anyone to take my concept. But now, I just want to see it come to pass. Too many people are suffering.
If you would like to offer your support you may make a donation via the nMyGoals website ( or by purchasing the products and services available on this blog –

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