“Struggle and Tragedy Can’t Take My Pen” – Nicole Dudley

Another day I open my eyes and I thank God for allowing me to rise,

Even if my energy is low, at least today God did not tell me no.

So I get out of bed and wipe my eyes, wash my face, and throw on my disguise

Because this cold, old world still cannot understand pain, love, or war.

And what the strugglers are really fighting for.

Lack of comprehension is killing my nation

Because instead of quality education, they silence us, for “our protection”

Throwing us money, instead of including us in the real discussions on how we can all have more.

Struggle and tragedy had stripped my voice once before

Only to dress my pin with the confidence to speak what’s within,

But the devil is trying to snatch that, but I pray every day so that God can snatch it back

Snatch me back from being lost in the dust of oppression, and from blowing in the wind of transgression.

Empowered by HIM I fight with my faith.  Empowered by HIM I fight hate.

And Oh what a fight, combating greed and corruption day and night.

You know the system has been hijacked by people fighting gay rights and abortion.

Hijacked by people with narrow, shallow, antiquated notions

The same system that supports failing schools, amen churches, and sold out government, wants me to believe that they runnin it.

After all, that is what they believe, ‘cause when you forget God you are so easily deceived.

Coached by the system on how to walk like them, and how to talk like them, and why I should forget who I really am, after all I want to be accepted by THEM, right?

But my commitment to truth and independence will not allow me, to allow them, to snatch that which lies deep within, I would no longer be able to walk upright, ‘cause I would have sold my rights to fight.

You see, the depths of my soul are the history untold, a history that they want to deny, the history of how a society just wants my people to die.

And yes, they wanted me to forget, and loose myself in sheer elegance,

After all, how else could they get away with it,

But to pacify the assimilated minds with trinkets.  I am not having it!

Struggle and tragedy has stripped my voice, but not my pen, but not my pen, and the secrets held within.


2 thoughts on ““Struggle and Tragedy Can’t Take My Pen” – Nicole Dudley

  1. This is beautifully written Nicole. This sentiment strikes a strong chord with me. Very well done. Keep writing more, and thanking for letting me read it!

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