Depression Test

According to, more than 25 million people a year are seeking treatment for depression.  These numbers have more than doubled in the last 15 years.  ( With the loss of homes, jobs, and the overall security that Americans are used to feeling, I project that this number will sharply climb in the years to come, especially within the African-American community, should we not do something to combat the problem.  Moreover, we need our health professionals to be more responsible, by forcing patients to undergo cognitive therapy prior to ever being placed on antidepressants.  Health professionals should educate patients on how to take care of themselves and how to maintain mental wellness, instead of teaching them to pop pills for a temporary fix to their problem.

We must take care of ourselves, because no one else will.  Take the test –   And if you are suffering from depression get help, and demand that they really help you and not just pacify you with drugs.

The best book that I have found on depression is called Feeling Good by David Burns, M.D.  You can get a copy really cheap by visiting

Taking care of ourselves, mind, body, and soul is the fuel in helping us reach our goal.


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