Believe and you will receive

HE does it again!!!!!   🙂

I have been editing my post for almost a week now, as words have not come together as smoothly as I had wished.  But I feel that God is telling me that I am making it too complicated, like we tend to do with so many things.  Like, the things that God asks of us, are so simple, but we make them complicated by injecting our own will instead of focusing on the will of God.

Today when I flipped my good book, I landed on 1 Corinthians 14:6-9.  From the New Living Translation, it reads, “6. Dear brothers and sisters, if I should come to you talking in an unknown language, how would that help you? But if I bring you some revelation or some special knowledge or some prophecy or some teaching – that is what will help you.  7. Even musical instruments like the flute or the harp, though they are lifeless, are examples of the need for speaking in plain language.  For no one will recognize the melody unless teh notes are played clearly.  8. And if the bugler doesn’t sound a clear call, how will the soldiers know they are being called to battle?  9. And it’s the same for you. If you talk to people in a language they don’t understand, how will they know what you mean? You might as well be talking to an empty room.”

The entire 14th chapter is a good read.  He once again reaffirms my purpose, and has helped me refocus, as he will do for you should you seek HIM.  Thank you God for all that you do and all that you will do in helping me reach my goal of peace, love, and prosperity.  I pray that he fills your hearts with love and the desire to please HIM each and every day.  May the words of my mouth, and the meditations of my heart, be acceptable in thine sight, oh Lord, my saint and my redeemer. Amen.


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