Selah – Is the Light On?

I have to thank my Aunt PC for sending these wonderful Selah messages to me.  It is scary how God can deliver the right word, just when you need it the most. Thank you for being an ontime God.  “Light” has been a reoccurring theme, especially over these past few days. So I felt especially moved to share this Selah message with you. Depressed spirits will sink into darkness should they not seek the light and surround themselves with people filled with the spirit of God. I can feel my father in heaven around me, and there are moments when I feel the power that he has vested in me streak through my body like bolts of lightning, charging me to do his will.  I pray that he sustains this charge in each one of us today.  God bless.

Is The Light On?         
                                                  We Are Supposed To Be The
                                                  Light Of The World, But  
                                                  You Can’t Be A Light If  
                                                  You’re Not Plugged In.   
                                                  Jesus calls us, His      
                                                  disciples, the light of  
                                                  the world: You are the   
                                                  light of the world. A    
                                                  city on a hill cannot be 
                                                  hidden. Neither do people
                                                  light a lamp and put it  
                                                  under a bowl. Instead    
                                                  they put it on its stand,
                                                  and it gives light to    
                                                  everyone in the house. In
                                                  the same way, let your   
                                                  light shine before men,  
                                                  that they may see your   
                                                  good deeds and praise    
                                                  your Father in heaven    
                                                  (Matthew 5:14-16).       
                                                  If you want others to see
                                                  Christ in you, then you  
                                                  must put on love         
                                                  (Colossians 3:12-14) and 
                                                  display the Fruit of the 
                                                  Spirit (Matthew 7:16-20; 
                                                  Galatians 5:22-23).      
                                                  However, that requires   
                                                  spending time in God’s   
                                                  presence. Psalm 91:1     
                                                  says, HE WHO dwells in   
                                                  the secret place of the  
                                                  Most High shall remain   
                                                  stable and fixed under   
                                                  the shadow of the        
                                                  Almighty [Whose power no 
                                                  foe can withstand]. I    
                                                  will say of the Lord, He 
                                                  is my Refuge and my      
                                                  Fortress, my God; on Him 
                                                  I lean and rely, and in  
                                                  Him I [confidently]      
                                                  The rest of Psalm 91 goes
                                                  on to list amazing       
                                                  promises that will come  
                                                  true in your life if you 
                                                  fulfill the first two    
                                                  verses; that is, if you  
                                                  dwell in God’s presence  
                                                  and confidently trust in 
                                                  He will deliver you from 
                                                  the snare of the fowler  
                                                  and from the deadly      
                                                  pestilence. He will cover
                                                  you with His (restrains),
                                                  and under His wings shall
                                                  you trust and find       
                                                  refuge; His truth and His
                                                  faithfulness are a shield
                                                  and a buckler. You shall 
                                                  not be afraid of the     
                                                  terror of the night, nor 
                                                  of the arrow (the evil   
                                                  plots and slanders of the
                                                  wicked) that flies by    
                                                  day, …Because you have 
                                                  made the Lord your       
                                                  refuge, and the Most High
                                                  your dwelling            
                                                  place…There shall no   
                                                  evil befall you, nor any 
                                                  plague or calamity come  
                                                  near your tent. For He   
                                                  will give His angels     
                                                  [especial] charge over   
                                                  you to accompany and     
                                                  defend and preserve you  
                                                  in all your ways [of     
                                                  obedience and            
                                                  All these promises &     
                                                  provisions are ours, plus
                                                  we become “Brighter” more
                                                  useful as we stay plugged
                                                  in to God by dwelling in 
                                                  His presence….         
                                                  I Invite You to Join us  
                                                  This Sunday at New       
                                                  life… Trumbull campus  
                                                  8:45 or 10:30 Derby      
                                                  Campus 10:00am … For   
                                                  Get Plugged in and       
                                                  Charged Up!              
                                                  Father in Heaven,        
                                                  Thank-You for the promise
                                                  of protection & power. I 
                                                  will get connected to You
                                                  and other believers so I 
                                                  can be a Better Light!   
                                                  Help me to shine bright. 
                                                  In Jesus Name. ~Amen.


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