Setting Goals

Today is November 2, 2011 and I could think of nothing better than starting the month reviewing pending objectives.  I have hit the reset button and I welcome you all to join me.  I once thought that hitting reset was a set back, and that I had failed at something.  This feeling would plunge me into some deep depression, and distracted me from focusing on moving forward.  I now feel that hitting reset means that I am no longer wasting time working on something that just is not working.  I no longer feel like I failed, but that I have gained new insight, and thus I am preparing my mind to move forward, stronger and more prepared than before. 

When setting goals one of the first things I consider is the timeframe.  The timeframe will usually help me prioritize my tasks.  When setting a timeframe it is important to make realistic assessments on how long it will take you to get to where you are trying to go. For example  you would not start a road trip without calculating the time of arrival at your final destination would you?  This information will allow you to budget for the trip, and gather the necessary resources to ensure safe arrival.  When we are setting goals, it is important to set realistic deadlines.  Depending on the goal, it may not be realistic to set a deadline.  For example, one of my personal goals is to live moderately, and surround myself with things and people who give me inspiration.  This is an ongoing process that will never have a deadline, but is important to my stability in reaching my other goals, and thus must be stated. When setting your deadline, it is better to give yourself more time than necessary, than not enough time.  For example, if you feel that a task will take you 1 hour to complete, set a deadline of 1.5 hours.  Setting an unrealistic deadline will do nothing  more than make you more frustrated than you really need to be; speaking from experience.   

We go Christmas shopping months in advance, but how early do we set our resolutions? Have you stated what your personal goals are for this month? Year?  You do not have to wait until December 31st.  Share it with us 🙂


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