Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?; Wintley Phipps…It Is Well With My Soul

Halloween has always been taboo for me.  Growing up, my mother, being a Christian and raised in Jamaica, never welcomed this holiday.  She hated all the candy and talk of ghosts.  My mother never really allowed us to eat a lot of candy except on holiday’s and this one did not cut it in her book.  But for children, this day is almost right up there with Christmas.  Think about it, costumes, games, candy, and you get to hang out at night, something that when I was growing up only the adults got to do.  I loved Halloween, but growing up, this was a holiday that was always a disappointment because I never got to go trick or treating like the other children.  I would hope year after year that she would change her mind.  For a long time it seemed that my father was split on the subject, but he would bring us candy and masks for our enjoyment, which made me feel a little less left out.  Later on, my father organized get-togethers at our church so that all the children would have a place to go for Halloween instead of being out trick or treating.  I really loved these evenings.  I remember thinking how lucky I was to have a place to hang with my friends and still be able to eat all the candy I wanted.  I could not understand why my mother was so strongly opposed to this holiday, and it was one of the things that made me seek God for myself.  I asked him for understanding, and even though it has taken some years, I finally think I get it.  My mother was just trying to protect us from being over exposed to negative themes.  Halloween was a day that was set aside to honor our dead.  However, today this reverence is lost in all the hocus pocus, and tails of ghosts and goblins.  As Christians I believe it to be our responsibility to celebrate in spirit and in truth, and therefore we should remember what this day really stands for, honoring our dead.  I am therefore giving special thanks to all of my ancestors for their struggles and sacrifices that have molded me and allowed me to be here today.  The last funeral I attended in my family was for my mom’s cousin, DeDe.  We were blessed to have Wintley Phipps perform the service.  I remember sitting in the church and remembering how much I wished my Grandmother, Irick, could have been there with me, but now when I think of all the suffering that is going on here on earth, I am happy that she is in the safest place, with our father in heaven.  I will use Halloween to celebrate their passage into a better place.  Halloween, is well with my soul, because I know that all things are by God’s design to suit his purpose. We never know what God has planned for us, but as long as we continue to choose him, we will never be disappointed.


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